Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yard Sale Wrap Up

Saturday I held my first yard sale of 2009. This past month during spring cleaning frenzies we have steadily added to our yard sale pile until finally this week I had had enough. As much as I dread holding a yard sale I needed to reclaim the corner of my living room taken over by my family's trash soon to be someone else's treasure.

I was pleased with the turnout. Economic times what they are many parents were looking for kid's clothes at bargain prices and I had plenty of that. I was able to unload most all of the clothing, ten pair of shoes, a basketball hoop, a file cabinet, storage bins, stuffed animals and a respectable amount of odds and ends - half of which I do not even remember buying and all of which will NOT be replaced. The bonus of the day was selling my daughter's first car, a 91 Mazda, which we had recently replaced with a slightly newer ride. Thankfully, that windfall will cover my daughter's summer college tuition and books.

An unexpected perk was meeting up with a neighbor who came by just to talk chickens. She had just acquired four chickens from a friend and was thrilled to find another urban chicken owner nearby. We spent twenty minutes comparing notes and during a lull in the yard sale I showed her my backyard setup and introduced the girls.

At quitting time I surveyed the aftermath and tossed the leftovers in my trunk for a quick trip to Goodwill. I was completely exhausted, slightly sunburned and totally pleased to have parted with so many items. A cleaner house, less knick knacks and a few extra bucks in my pocket-not a bad return for my investment of one Saturday morning spent playing Let's Make a Deal.


  1. We had a garage sale last year. Hard Work but it iw worth it when you count the money and your has less clutter!

  2. I just finished cleaning out some of what needs to go and taking 3 boxes to Goodwill. Didn't get any money, of course, but still. It feels good.