Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Chili Canning

Today my nineteen year old daughter and her two friends joined me in the kitchen to pressure can a batch of chili con carne. I've been canning this chili for over a year now and I can never seem to keep it stocked in my pantry as it is my kids' favorite meal. All three girls are busy planning a camping trip next week and wanted some chili for a tasty yet easily prepared meal for their outdoors adventure. I agreed to whip up a batch and they agreed to help out with the canning session.
We chopped, sliced, browned and simmered and two hours later we had produced 9 pints of delicious chili. It was a fun afternoon for all and along the way the girls learned all about the process of pressure canning food. Now all we need is some cornbread and we're all set.


  1. Wow what a great day! Cherish them while ya can.... they grow "out" fast! LOL The chili looks wonderful.

    Oh and on another note ....could you tell me how to set up a slideshow like you have? I got the idea from you but mines bulky and takes too much space.

  2. I was given an old pressure canner. I got it tested at the extension office and they say I am good to go! I am looking forward to trying some pressure canning. I really have enjoyed water bath canning. I amy be looking to your for some pressure canning advice!

  3. stumbled upon your blog today-really like it. if you have a chance, would love the recipe/directions for canning the chili -and what would you do to make it meatless?
    blessings! Stephanie

  4. Beautiful! I love the way freshly-canned jars of food look, all lined up. How nice that you took the time to teach the girls this skill. I hope to be pressure canning soon.

  5. I would also love the recipe! (or you could make it your next post!)