Monday, May 18, 2009

Grow, Baby, Grow

Two pumpkin plants only made it into the garden due to the pleas of my son, niece and nephew. They will enjoy watching the growth of these giant pumpkins. I planted them on separate corners so they can sit just outside the raised bed once they grow beyond the confines of the planter.

The squash plants have just blossomed this morning. I know it won't be long now before I have plenty of squash and zucchini. Even if all other veggies fail you can always count on those two to prosper.

Cherry tomatoes are now visible on all the tomato plants. I can't wait to taste these babies in a tossed salad with dinner. My early girl tomatoes got a late start and most will likely end up canned for sauce.


  1. Looking good. Our pumpkins got ate up by Beetles and Bugs last year. But we are trying again this year.

    Today is my garden day..... I amlooking forward to see how everything is doing!

  2. Wow! What zone are you in? Fantastic pictures! :)

  3. Jennifer I am in zone 9 so I am lucky as far as gardening goes. Although lately it has been so hot and dry, until this week, and my first go of bush beans all but died from the heat despite daily watering. I replanted and with luck and our recent rainfall I should be back in business.

  4. Your garden plants are beauties! Mine are not so good. I'm going to try again as my goal this year was to re-learn what I forgot regarding gardening. I think I underwatered during our first spring in the desert.