Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cats, Kids, and Chickens

Hunter stalking the 10 week old chicks.

My daughter hanging out with the cat and chickens. All one big happy family now.

When we brought our baby chicks home from the feed store last year I had my doubts that all God's creatures, especially the ones at Little Ant Farm, would get along. I prepared myself for a bumpy adjustment as our cat, Hunter of all names, was sure to see our new additions as more of a happy meal than family members. Those first few weeks while my room doubled as a chick nursery, I was extra vigilant about keeping the door to my bedroom closed in order to keep Hunter from making off with one of the chicks. Once they had feathered out and were ready for the coop we had to be careful to lock the chickens away whenever we could not keep our eyes on them.

As they grew bigger the chickens were allowed to free range more which allowed the cat to see them as just part of the family. Occasionally, I would catch Hunter stalking quietly through the tall grass pretending he was some cougar from a Wild Kingdom episode. But a few quick pecks from a full-grown fowl put him in his place and they mutually agreed to call a truce. Now, our birds free range all day long in our backyard returning to their coop only for egglaying and sleeping. Neighbor cats who climb our four foot chain link fence and think they will stop off for some birdfood soon find their stay shortlived. These girls can sport some attitude when pushed!
Now that peaceful coexistance has been achieved with cats and chickens perhaps I can begin work on the tougher challenge of getting my own teenage sons to get along with one other.


  1. I love your blog! Keep on urban-homesteading!

  2. I hope our chickens prove to be as spunky as yours - like your Hunter, our cat needs to be shown her place, something our dog seems unwilling to do himself. After hearing about your experience, as well as those of other friends, I think it'll work out just fine. Keep having fun!

  3. I love the pic of the Cat stalking the Chickens!